Choosing A Cleaner
Mistakes To Avoid  When Choosing A Carpet Cleaner

Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Carpet Cleaner

Whether or not you choose to use our company, it's important that you do so with accurate knowledge as to what should be expected from a professional carpet cleaning company. The following information is designed to give consumers awareness of the standards that any professional carpet cleaning service should meet.

Avoid Choosing a Cleaner Strictly Based on Price

If you are looking for truly professional results, then choosing a carpet cleaner strictly by the lowest price may not be the wisest choice. Here's why:

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous cleaners that offer a low, low price just to get their foot in the door. Then, once they are in your home, their goal is to pressure you into a much higher price. (See video to the left on this page) And many times the final price you could end up with is even higher than what the truly professional cleaners may charge for a superior service.

Also, for a business to operate while charging extremely low prices it usually means that they'll need skimp in other areas. Whether that be in the quality of the chemistry they use, or the time they spend getting results, something has to make up for the lack in revenue needed to operate a business.

If you have a home with high-quality finishes and want your carpet to last with proper techniques and proper chemistry - then more often than not, choosing an extremely low-priced cleaner would be something you would want to avoid.

Avoid Using Cleaners That Have Not Been Certified

There are standards put in place by carpet cleaning manufactures that detail the proper maintenance and care of your carpet. For professionals who want to know and practice these standards when cleaning, assuring their techniques for cleaning will keep your carpet's warranty in tact, there are certification courses available.

Being sure your carpet cleaning technician has been through these certifications will help to assure that the techniques used on your carpet will make it last the longest and look the best.

The IICRC is the carpet cleaning industry's certification board and cleaners that have been through these courses stick to the highest standards of cleaning techniques, giving you the best results with the cleaning they perform.

Avoid "Interim" Carpet Cleaning Methods

Knowing what and interim cleaning is, and the difference in results between an interim cleaning method and a restorative method, can save you a lot of grief.

The IICRC certifies and educates cleaners on the results a "restorative" method can get versus what is considered an "interim" method for cleaning. The application for which these methods are used can differ greatly.

When it comes to residential carpets in need cleaning, they respond best to a restorative cleaning method. Unfortunately, there are many professional service who only offer an interim method!

Methods that do not use hot water extraction (steam cleaning) are not restorative processes. When hot water extraction is part of the process it qualifies as a restorative method of cleaning and will get you the best results, making your carpets look and feel amazing.

Avoid Companies That Do Not Offer a Money-back Guarantee

A company that stands behind their work and is willing to give your money back if you are not satisfied will provide you with the best overall experience. They put their livelihood on the line every time they enter your home. Your experience is paramount to them and they're willing to take all the risk of providing you with the highest quality.

Be sure to choose a company that backs their work with a money-back guarantee!

Eco Carpet cleaning follows all of the correct standards listed above.
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