Our 9-Step Process
9-Step Process  for Carpet Cleaning

9-Step Process for Carpet Cleaning

Pre Vacuum.

Our vacuums have commercial suction and filtration rated for hospital useage. Dry soil removal ensures the most thorough cleaning results.

Protective Corner Guards.

We work carefully around your precious belongings which is why we take the time to place protective corner guards on walls or furnishings where our cleaning hose may come into contact.

Edge Vacuum.

With the end of our high powered vacuum hose from the truck, hard to reach dust from around the edges will be gone forever! (Well, at least for a really long time!)


This critical step in the cleaning process ensures the breaking down of the soils, foods, oils and pollutants in your carpet. What makes our cleaning so special at this point is the use of highly effective yet safe and non-toxic cleaning agents. These cleaning products will not harm your family or the enviromnent. (High traffic lanes that need extra attention will be agitated by hand with our carpet brush at this point.)

Hot Water Steam Clean.

Designed never to over-wet your carpet, our machine uses only a non-toxic rinsing agent so there is no soil-attracting residue left behind. Next, the powerful suction eliminates all of the dirt, soil, pollutants, dust mite corpses and other allergens out of your home and into the huge waste tank in our van. Every stroke of the wand gives birth to a clean, non-toxic, healthy carpet that you will love to gaze upon. Plus, you will have peace of mind living in a naturally clean, healthy environment.

Fan Dry.

A powerful floor fan is used while cleaning to get your carpet dry in only four to six hours!


Your carpet is restored to it's natural beauty when we groom it. Using a special "carpet brush" we follow the cleaning by literally combing every square-inch of your carpet. This process eliminates any patterns left by the cleaning wand and allows the carpet to dry fluffy and plush.

Move Furnishings.

In your living, dining, and family rooms, moveable furniture will be slid forward, cleaned under, and then replaced. This saves you the trouble of hauling your furnishings from room to room, or cramming everything you own into the kitchen.

Place Furnishings on Protective Pads.

When we move furniture we will place it back on protective pads. This protects your carpet and your furnishings from bleeding and rusting while the carpet dries. It also enables you to resume your normal activities while the carpet finishes drying because your furniture is where it belongs and not crammed in the kitchen.

(Optional) Stain & Soil Guard.

Restoring the factory protective finishes make vacuuming more efficient and helps resist permanent staining from spills. Simply, it keeps your carpet performing like it did when it was new. We use a product made in Europe which meets their standards of 'green'. We offer stain and soil guard as an option. Ask your cleaning technician for details and pricing.