Why Green?
Why Offer Green  Carpet Cleaning?

Why Offer Green Carpet Cleaning?

Simply put, it protects our family's health and our fragile ecosystem.

Eco Carpet Cleaning uses the best professional green cleaning products available today and gives you the most thorough cleaning ever. Our cleaning methods and abilities are never compromised by cleaning "green". In fact, the results are extraordinary and will leave you feeling good about protecting your health and the environment.

We feel cleaning should be done without exposing your family to harmful chemicals, toxins and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOS's) and of, course, our products are surfactant-free, toxin-free, and don't expose you to harmful VOC's! We use only products that are Green Seal Certified, reducing the impact on the environment and helping make things better for future generations.

Even better, we've tested and seen first-hand that our green cleaning products outperform conventional products in many aspects!

Eco Carpet Cleaning